HTML5 and CSS3 Site Design

HTML5 and CSS3 Site Design

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by Ten Ton Online

Need to learn how to build a website, or brush up on your coding skills to enhance an existing site? This course will show you, step-by-step, how to set up a web site from scratch and tips and tricks of the trade to make your site more attractive and user-friendly. From what tools you need to build your site and creating and formatting pages, to what to test and look for before your site goes live, award-winning trainer Geoff Blake gives detailed and valuable information that will help you to master HTML coding skills. Geoff’s casual tone, real world examples, and the follow-along video make this course as entertaining as it is informative.

MODULE 1: Introduction

MODULE 2: Let's Get Started!

MODULE 3: Gettin' Your Files Organized!

MODULE 4: Doin' Nuthin' Let's Build A Web Layout From Scratch!

MODULE 5: Insertin' And Formattin' Text!

MODULE 6: Now It's Time For Some Graphics!

MODULE 7: Site Rollout: From A Single Page To A Multi-Page Site!

MODULE 8: Inserting Additional Page Elements!

MODULE 9: Going Live: Uploading the Completed Site!

MODULE 10: Wrapping Up

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HTML5 and CSS3 Site Design
Ten Ton  Online

Ten Ton Online

Ten Ton Online is a video-based software training company, offering high quality, in-depth computer graphics and web design courses. Ten Ton is lead by award-winning veteran trainer and designer Geoff Blake, whose casual, fun, in-depth teaching style has delighted thousands of learners over the past fifteen years, increasing their skills and helping them get to where they want to go.

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