About Us

About IOT

What is 1337?

1337 = Elite

Hacker “Sp33k" for leet, or elite, originating from 31337 "eleet"

The best of a class of super achievers who dominate the computer elite

A group of persons who by virtue of position or education exercise much power or influence

Our Story

The 1337 Institute of Technology was pioneered by a creative maverick IT professor who believes in the mission of bringing accessible, affordable, and engaging, technological education to the world. There are so many great minds out there that need a platform to teach and share their knowledge with everyone, empowering students to advance their education and careers.

Education needs to be a lifelong experience.  With technologies changing daily it is almost impossible to stay current.  The 1337 Institute of Technology offers a way to allow education to remain cutting edge, fun and informative while keeping the costs affordable.